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Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority Licence Verification Regulated By The Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority

Company name : KVB Prime Limited

Company number : 15626

License number: L 15626 / KVB

Date of incorporation : 31st January 2024

License End Date : 31st January 2025

DATE: 16-07-2024

TIME: 12:22:24 pm

Status : Active

License Verification Terms and Conditions

This License Verification page is provided as a service to verify the present licensing status of the Company and Website named above , who operates under license reference L 15626 / KVB Anjouan Corporate Services

Creating or maintaining any links from another website to this License Verification page without our prior written permission is prohibited.

For authenticity, make sure that the url of this website starts with Anjouan Corporate If you are not sure, please check the licensee register on

Anjouan Corporate Services License Certificate


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Important Information

Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority should only be contacted when they believe an Operator is in breach of their license.